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Energy saving energy for green construction machinery industry, when
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HC surface network: "green energy" has become a hot topic, energy saving, environmental protection has become an unavoidable issue for each industry, construction machinery industry is no exception, China's construction machinery enterprises have introduced contains "technology innovation", "green "," re-create "concepts such as products, means that the entire industry to the green, intelligent restructuring, energy saving, environmental protection has penetrated to the development of the industry.

As China's construction machinery market is growing, and information technology-related technology development, engineering machinery industry in China market situation can be described in full swing. But in the process of rapid development in the demand for resources continues to climb, high consumption of high demand will inevitably bring, whether it is energy, steel, or other needs are to some extent, consume more resources if it can not effectively use resources, will have a tremendous waste. Second, taking into account environmental issues, traditional products have been far from meeting the requirements of air quality at this stage, although there is no environmental taxes and carbon taxes, but not enough to sustain the traditional products and the future development of the industry, to long-term sustainable development, and only continuous technological upgrading and reform and innovation, then the future of construction machinery industry is an indispensable factor in environmental protection.

According to the "2010-2015 China's machinery industry investment analysis and forecast report" shows that the product remanufacturing machinery industry than the manufacture of new products, saving 60%, average 70% of the parts can all be reused in the manufacturing process can save more than 80% of energy consumption, the average price of new products, only 30% to 40%, the cost is actually less than the original 50%. In addition, driven by policy, China will further improve the level of manufacturing technology, to expand remanufacturing applications, re-manufacturing business model to cultivate and standardize the old pieces of recycling system, expand the domestic market started to strengthen the laws and regulations, strengthen policy guidance, and gradually form a suitable China's situation further manufacturing operation mechanism and management model to achieve re-create large-scale, market-oriented industrial development, and strive to cultivate a further manufacturing industry to become new economic growth point to promote the formation of large-scale circular economy, accelerate the construction of resource-saving , environment-friendly society. The policy direction of the development of China's remanufacturing industry. Then the rise of the manufacturing sector to the overall energy saving construction machinery industry has taken a strong step in the direction.

At the recent China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said Qi Jun, as China has become "the world's largest construction site", as China's rapid economic development across the country actively involved in infrastructure construction, China's excavator market has entered a booming stage, the excavator operator has constantly increased. According to statistics, the national excavator has nearly 100 million units, more than 100 million people nationwide excavator operator. But it must be noted that China's uneven excavator operator's technique to help master the professional excavator operator fuel-efficient operation of technology and promote the sustainable development of the industry, has become the consensus of all walks of life. Also in the good development trend of environmental protection industry, the future of environmental industry professionals will have greater prospects for development.

According to the professionals that the construction machinery industry is a technology, capital and labor as one of the industry, with China's construction machinery industry, market segments, a higher demand, including not only technical, intelligence, including energy saving, environmental protection and other factors. With the strong hybrid concepts, more energy-saving concept is applied to the engineering machinery products, such as 2009, in the country for the first time introduced the concept of hybrid energy-saving machinery to study, and developed a first domestic hybrid power hydraulic excavator, excavator energy than the traditional 30% efficiency by 25%.

At this stage of the few companies in the energy saving, although a modicum of success on, but still in its infancy. Fuel economy and emission reduction of construction machinery on the direction of environmental protection are two important and difficult, energy saving has risen as a global topic, companies can not avoid this trend, and only followed the trend of development is a wise choice. As a strategic pillar industry in China and "emitters", construction machinery during the second five task of re-imagined, the use of environmental factors reduce the domestic and foreign enterprises in construction machinery industry is not a shortcut to something that gap.

The stimulation of national policy, the domestic construction machinery industry steadily forward, the construction machinery industry are constantly adjusting the pattern, major companies have also increased personnel training, investment in technology innovation. Construction machinery industry to promote the engine and transmission, systems of work and running the system a reasonable match, so you can achieve a good energy saving effect. The company's current goal is to study what the different types of construction machinery corresponding to the engine, so the power curve in order to achieve energy-saving effect.

Now more and more construction machinery manufacturers have focused mostly on "green", "technological innovation" are two words on. Some brands have brand campaign for energy-saving environmental protection, energy saving effect of more than priority environmental effects because of its now able to create economic value, while environmental factors present only create social benefits, but as time goes on, the near environmental factors account for the proportion of the future will be increasing.

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