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To carry out environmental product certification standards of environmental protection machinery industry
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Recently, the China Standard Certification Center Institute of Standardization and the National Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center co-sponsored by China's environmental protection product certification - certification of meeting environmental protection machinery in the country's largest industrial base in Yixing, Jiangsu environmental protection concluded. National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary, Certification and Accreditation Administration, Quality and Technical Supervision, Wuxi, Yixing City, Yixing City, Quality and Technical Supervision and other relevant leaders and local representatives from 60 enterprises participated in the meeting. Conference on China's environmental protection machinery industry national industrial policy to be introduced and certification development plan was introduced to the delegates on how to carry out environmental protection machinery industry, environmental protection product certification to further standardize the market reached a consensus.

As China's rapid economic development and environmental governance at all levels of government efforts to increase environmental protection industry has become a truly "sunrise industry", the annual growth rate of 15% to 20% growth rate is much higher than economic growth rate over the same period, environmental protection machinery industry accounted for the major part of the environmental protection industry. Dong Ping, vice mayor of Wuxi, Yixing City, introduce, Yixing is the largest town of environmental protection equipment, environmental equipment, large enterprises and economic development of the city have a greater impact. However, along with the rapid development of low-quality products at low prices in the disorderly competition, and inadequate standards and quality control system that have made this industry is full of worries, forming a vicious circle, but also to the environment has brought great losses and risks, and even to future generations and sustainable development of society carry a heavy burden. Standard Certification Center launched the environmental protection machinery industry in China China's environmental protection product certification is carried out in this industry, the first certification, it will provide a unified market for environmental industries, just to the level of advanced pollution control equipment, the product evalsuation.
According to the National Development and Reform Commission of Environment and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Department leader of the National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary had been organized by the relevant units and experts on China's environmental protection industry development status, problems and accelerate the development of countermeasures to the environmental protection industry has been studied in preparation for conditions are ripe, the introduction of preferential policies and measures. Internationally, in order to ensure the reliability of environmental facilities, environmental protection products already on the technical regulations to implement a strict control. Such as incinerators, EU, Japan, the United States have strict control standards and enforcement, with good results. Other environmentally friendly products for quality control is very strict. Now is our large-scale, high-speed construction of environmental facilities, stage, the state should take timely measures to control environmental quality, environment and facilities to ensure reliability.

Community norms of environmental protection equipment market calls is increasing. Last year, the China Standard Certification Center and the Environmental Protection Industry Machinery Industry Development Center launched, 62 of China's environmental protection industry leading backbone enterprises in Beijing held a press conference, issued a joint appeal: regulate market competition behavior, to ensure that our environmental quality of the construction. This joint appeal to many enterprises standardize the market competition, the first time in the industry. During the two sessions this year, where L Tao dozen proposals submitted jointly by the CPPCC National Committee members recommended that as soon as possible related to environmental safety environmental products mandatory product certification. These calls, while that after 10 years of rapid development, environmental protection industry itself has recognized the existence of their own problems, with a strong desire to change the status quo; the other hand, the relevant government departments for the proposed new requirements: desire to put more efforts to laws and regulations, and strengthen law enforcement for illegal behavior should be exposed and punished resolutely to encourage high-quality environmentally friendly products into the market, poor quality products will stop the environmental market.

CNCA Certification Supervision Department of the leader of: the purpose of certification and accreditation of national implementation of the one in the government, businesses and consumers a bridge between the erection of communication with the specification, the certification authority for the enterprise product marketing and export create favorable conditions for the protection of the people to contribute to peace food and clothing. Environmentally friendly products environmental certification is an important part of industry, from China to carry out certification work in recent years the practice in some industries in the promotion of product certification, the industry will raise the level of technology, industrial structure adjustment of positive and far-reaching impact. CNCA also supports a number of industries active in conditional certification, the conditions are ripe for mandatory certification, in order to facilitate regulating the market, better consumer protection. As a third-party evalsuation system, green environmental protection product certification will provide a unified market, fair, able to represent the level of advanced pollution control equipment, the product evalsuation system.

In view of China's environmental protection machinery industry business-to regulate the industry situation and the urgent requirements of the market, China Standard Certification Center in conjunction with the relevant technical experts, with related testing organizations and enterprises, in the full investigation and argument based on the development of environmental protection machinery technology, environmental products certification requirements and implementation of rules by the state commission for the record, was formally implemented in June 2004 and has carried out certification. Environmental protection machinery to carry out environmental protection product certification, in line with the requirements of national industrial policy, will further strengthen the state environmental protection machinery industry guidance and management, promoting China's environmental protection machinery industry standardization.

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